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A need or desire to change, explore and improve your life may have brought you here.

Whatever the reason, you have taken a step towards making positive and helpful changes to your life. Perhaps the step has been easy for you or perhaps it is the most courageous step you've taken. 

If you are feeling stuck with something in your life, maybe due to a recent or past experience or unhelpful thoughts or behaviours, it can often be difficult to find the right outlet to share your concerns.

The counselling relationship is unique. It provides an opportunity to unload the burden of your suffering with a trained professional, working in collaboration towards finding peace. The time is yours and we will work together to improve your situation, led by you, with your needs in mind.

The counselling environment is a safe and neutral place for you to explore your feelings and thoughts in confidence and without judgement, where you will be listened to, heard, understood and supported.

Counselling can help with a number of issues, including the following: 





Relationship difficulties

Effects of traumatic experience

Self confidence 

Body image

Sex and sexuality

Effects of abuse




Domestic violence

Although many individuals may suffer from these or other issues, our counselling sessions will focus on your unique, personal experience, working towards your goals.

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